Hops Scotch memberships are one of the more intriguing methods for releasing rare beer, mainly because the process sheds the chaos of lottery or first-come-first-served releases for smooth, easy order. It goes something like this: You pay a designated fee upfront and, in return, you receive a collection of limited beers available only to members throughout the year.


  1. Four levels of memberships to fit one’s budget.

  2. Beers are innovative, showcasing a brewer’s creativity.

  3. Beers are guaranteed; that is, no scrambling to get in a line or win a lottery.

  4. You get the chance to sample one-of-a-kind releases, often never made again.

Terms & Conditions: Membership is annual and is renewable after 12 months. Membership card/ID must be presented to receive member benefits. Membership card and benefits are non-transferable and applicable to the member only.