Calendar of upcoming Events

For the beer enthusiast and beer drinker alike. We have a variety of fun events that include tastings and snacks. Bring a friend, have a bachelor party (or bachelorette), a Ladies or Guys Night Out…Even have something for the Yogini in you.


Absolutely Nothing
January 2nd @3pm (Thursday)

Free to attend!

Exhausted after the holiday excitement? Its ok, we got you covered.
Join us for absolutely nothing – we open at 3pm.
Our Taps and Apps are on fire, keeping you warm.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect!


Craft Or Commercial
January 9th @7pm (Thursday)
Free to attend

Join us and test your senses as we put craft and commercial beers head to head in a blind tasting. See if you can distinguish the difference.

Prizes for those who get the most right!

Trivia Night Fundraiser!
By – Marty Lyons Foundation
January 16th, @6pm (Thursday)
Free to attend

Come join us for a fun, friendly competition and also binge on some food and drink specials while testing out one’s random knowledge skills.


Open Mic!
Jan 19th @1pm (Sunday)
Free to attend

Join us for an Epic Sunday.

We joined forces with @ofiology to show case the sounds of the local community.

Beer Trade and Share
Jan 23rd @ 7pm (Thursday)
Free to attend

Round 5!

Grab your bottles or cans Girls and Boys. Get ready for some BEEEEER TRADING!

The concept is simple:
1. Bring a beer (or more)
2. All participants will have a moment to showcase there beer
3. Make friends, trade or share!

Barre & Beer!
by Jackie Gatto, Danielle Leone, Allison Venturi, Liz Vidic
January 26th @10:30am-12pm
Tickets $20-25

Unlike a traditional barre class, Barre & Beer is a workout where you can enjoy some beer, while you workout! Come barre with us, burn some calories, and sip some incredible beer!  You can expect barre class to address multiple areas of your body, including your: Arms, Legs, Core & Glutes!

Tickets Include:
– A Killer Workout With 4 Incredible Trainers
– A 10oz Beer To Soothe Those Muscles 

Buy Now!

Mead Talk!
By Andrew Luberto
American Mead Makers Association
Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts
BJCP, Grand Master II Judge & Advanced Cicerone

Jan 30th @7pm (Thursday)
Free to attend

It’s not beer, wine, or cider- so what is it?
It’s the oldest fermented beverage in human
history dating back thousands of years.
Come explore what Mead is and the uniqueness of this golden drink.

What to expect:

-What is Mead
-Honey varieties, fruits and spices
-Yeast strains
-Production methods
-Free Sampling

East End Brew Trip
February 23rd 2020

For Complete Info and Tickets

 Join us for a full day of fun- February 23rd we are hitting up 3 of the hottest breweries on the east end!
*Long Ireland Beer Co
*Moustache Brewing Co
*North Fork Brewing Co

For Complete Info and Tickets

Wood & Stencil Paint Night!

Advance registration is required
Tickets includes:

• Choice of 8×30 wood sign 
• All of the necessary art supplies
• One beer, cider, wine or soda 
• Creative guidance by Art From The Heart Studios NY !!

RSVP by Feb. 6th