Calendar of upcoming Workshops

For the beer enthusiast and beer drinker alike. We have a variety of fun events that include tastings and snacks. Bring a friend, have a bachelor party (or bachelorette), a Ladies or Guys Night Out…Even have something for the Yogini in you.


Beer Trade and Share

Oct 17th @ 7pm (Thursday)

Grab your bottles or cans Girls and Boys. Get ready for some BEEEEER TRADING!

The concept is simple:
1. Bring a beer (or more)
2. All participants will have a moment to showcase there beer
3. Make friends, trade or share!

Psychic Medium

By Shaun Tannenbaum
Oct 24th @ 7pm (Thursday)

Join us for a group channeling session with Psychic Medium Shaun Tannenbaum where he will give messages from those who have passed on to the other side. Attendees have an optional discounted beer flight for purchase.

Boos & Brews

Oct 31st @ 7pm to close (Thursday)

It’s Halloween and you’re an adult,
Come trick or treating with a costume and get a free 5oz pour.
That’s right, Costume = 5oz Pour
Kids get the candy!